Business writing is a skill that can be learnt


Good business writing allows you to share knowledge, catalyse change and align people with strategy. And to sell more of your products, services and ideas!

That is why the ability to express yourself in clear, structured and compelling writing is crucial to your success. This online version of the book Capture. Deliver. Excel. shows you how to

The book is written by Ilja van Roon, who writes for executives at multinationals, government ministers and entrepreneurs.

Speaking about the book, Jay Conrad Levinson, the father of Guerrilla Marketing, said that

"what all businesses need the most right now has just been put into words by Ilja van Roon. It should be mandatory reading for anyone in business -- beginners and experts alike!"

Curious? Then purchase the beautifully designed PDF version (sample) of the book for €1,99 only. It's easier to read, print and keep that way.


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